Crackle Nails

9 May

Katy Perry features a new nail polish collection at OPI. The colors range from a light baby doll pink to rock n’ roll black. But the best part about the collection is the shatter polish. Its separates when applied to the nail to create a cool shattered effect. Pick it up at your local beauty store today!

I love this polish! Its cool, edgy, and chic. I will totally be wearing it this summer!


Get Healthy Hair With Products At Home!

9 May

Seventeen Magazine’s fashion blog offers a wide variety of beauty and fashion tips. But what is really awesome about the site, is they target beauty on a budget! Need healthy hair? You can make it happen with products found right in your pantry! The mixture includes apple cider vinegar, club soda, and chamomile tea. All of which can be found in your pantry!

These items work because the acidity of the mixture is so close to that of your hair that it works to both condition and remove buildup caused from hair products.

Such a smart and echo friendly way to get healthy hair. And it works! Two thumbs up from me!

Gym-to-Street Goodies

6 May

Obviously working out isn’t really the time to sport a glam wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon fashion completely. Seventeen Magazine’s online issue offers a wide variety of gym-to-street wear that you can incorporate into your wardrobe that offers an easy way to implement gym wear into everyday outfits.

I love the idea of buying cute sporty items that be worn both during everyday activities and an intense workout. That way rather than carrying a large bag to the gym full of clothing to change into after your workout, you can leave in what you arrived in. These pieces are not only cute but extremely versatile and strangely glamorous. The website displays images of some really cute sporty items such as a floral sports bra. Who new athletic wear could be so cute! Take a look yourself!

Kate Wows in Dress

29 Apr

Since her engagement, Princess, Kate Middleton, kept her wedding dress designer a secret. But on April 29th, she wowed in an Alexander McQueen wedding gown, designed by Sarah Burton. Before the wedding she worked closely with the designer to capture her dream gown. The dress was made with hand cut english lace and French Chantilly lace, with a 6 foot long train.

Personally I love the dress. It fits her like a glove and the lace sleeves make the dress extremely classy. This dress is gorgeous and well worth the wait! Tell me what you think!

Summer looks appear on the red carpet

24 Apr

Joy Bryant wore a yellow Tucker dress under a Levis denim jacket during the Coach benefit for the children’s defense fund.

I love how she utilized accessories to really play up the southern flare of the outfit. It all flowed very well. The cowboy boots and brown leather belt compliment each other perfectly and the leather chain purse adds an edgy statement to the outfit. 5 stars to Bryant! Let me know what you think! 

Heres her look for less. Enjoy!

Uh-Oh Satorialist…

14 Apr







Famous blogger Scott Schuman sparked controversy after a March 28th post describing a seemingly skinny lady as “sturdy” and “curvy.” Angry viewers went crazy with furious comments, using words such as “horrified, and bashing Schuman for even bringing up her figure.”

Though I agree with the majority of the viewers that word choice could have been different, it was necessary that her weight and body type be brought up in this post. Schuman was specifically posting about body harmony. This young lady knew how to achieve a harmonious outfit with her body type and proportions, something all women should strive for. He was simply pointing out its great to see that people can still achieve flattering outfits without the toothpick thin proportions of a model. Though as I said before he could have chosen ‘nicer’ words than “sturdy,” the purpose of the post was to bring attention to how she successfully chose her clothing to flatter her body type. Rather than looking past these words and got the real meaning of the post, people were focusing on the negative aspects and made a much bigger deal than needed to be made. I’m on your side Scott!

DIY: Jewelry

12 Apr

personally of love jewelry, but the one problem is it gets pretty expensive. Claire Magazine has a solution! They offer a section online targeting do it yourself jewelry that different fashion bloggers and Marie Claire fans are able to contribute to. They put up links for numberous blogs dedicated to DIY projects where you can really get step by step direction. I love this idea. Instead of spending a fortune on a pair of earrings or a bracelet, make one yourself! I’m definitely going to get started on one of these projects! Take a look at some of these blogs to get different ideas. Pure genius.